MKMMA -Week 1

I’m excited about the uncoming 2016 Master Key classes. I wanted to share my blog post from last year as it’s a perfect summary of this first Week.
Looking forward to what the next 26 brings for everyone.

MKMMA Week 5 – Choices

As mentioned in my previous post, I talked challenges and how you can react to it, choices you make or don’t make and influence your life.

Everyday we face choices, such as getting out of bed for work, what should I have for breakfast etc. There are some days when you don’t want to go to work, so you lie in bed and thinking about what to do, running scenarios in your head to justify your actions. I’m sure I’m not only that has gone through is.

As with the MasterKey’s, some days are more challenging than others, as most mkmma’ers know to push through and embrace challenges as part of the journey.

The choices we make mold you into the person that you are. As we learn in the MasterKey’s, we develop new habits and make choices to further your life and achieve your dmp.

We are the sum the choices we make. So what choices are going to make?

MKMMA Week 4 – Challenges

As most people that have done this course can attest, this course is challenging as it forces you out of your comfort zone.

Changing old habits is hard considering all the years that have accumulated toward those habits. However with discipline new habits must be repeated to make new habits.

Thus the crossroads, revert back to old habits/ old life or push ahead to establish new habits and create a better life for yourself.

So what do you choose?

MKMMA Week 3 – A little Resistance – Maybe…

This week, I will be featuring a guest blogger Keri Miller. I wanted to share Keri blog post as it is provides a great observation about the  MasterKey Course.


MKMMA Week 2 – Words…

shorelineWhat do you think of when you see a great piece of artwork? Such art work as paints, sculptures, architecture, literature and books etc.


How many people have a seen a great painting in a museum? Who is this creative artist? How did this painting come about, well it starts with the artist having an inspiration or an artmonaidea. Then he/she takes that idea/ inspiration and begins to transition it to the canvas. This process can take days, month or years depending on the scope of the project to complete their artwork. What is the result? A stunning painting, sculptures, etc that people marvel at and wonder how it came into being.


How many people have a seen a great piece of architecture? Who is Statue of Liberty_flickr_216759898_429003983c_zthis creative artist? How did this structure come about, again it starts with the artist having an inspiration or an idea. Then he/she takes that idea/ inspiration and begins to transition it to the drawings . This process can take days, month or years depending on the scope of the project to complete their eiffel-towerstructure. What is the result? A stunning a building that people marvel at and wonder how it came into being.


However, I believe that words are the greatest forms of art. I know what you thinking what are you talking about? Just hear me out, words put together make sentences, sentences make paragraphs and so on. We can use words to create whatever our heart desires. Over the past two weeks, I have been honored and privileged to have read Definite Major Purpose (DMP’s) from the 20+ members of the 2014/2015 Masterkey class . These members “artists” are creating their masterpiece one word at a time. The result an amazing and exciting picture of their dharma/ bliss, that people marvel at and wonder how it came into being.


The greatest masterpiece is the one we create with words…



Paul K.


“There is nothing so powerful as an idea whose time has come.”

Victor Hugo

MKMMA Week 1: New Beginnings!!!

New Beginnings




As the 2015 MKMMA classes have just begun, I can recall the emotions and feelings that I had during my first week. I was excited, nervous yet committed to discovering my inner dharma, I’m sure most people from the 2015 class feel the same way right now.  By the way, I had never written a definite Major Purpose (DMP) or even a blogged before but rest assured this is perfectly normal, these next 26 weeks is process of discovery which is unique to each individual, so enjoy the process.


Looking forward to seeing you all chip away at your cement Buddha and find your true hearts bliss!!



Paul Kooner

MKMMA Certified Guide


“What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

MKMMA Week 24 – “Unplugged”

This is the final week of the MKMMA live webcasts & training, it’s been a magnificent & fantastic ride over the past 26 weeks. The things I have learned from this course have been life changing and are opening up opportunities that I would not have concerned in the past.

If you are familiar with the movie the “Matrix”, there is a scene where “Neo” (Keanu Reeves) is “unplugged” from the matrix (programmed world) into the “real” world. This scene captures the essence of the Master Keys for me and I’m sure my MKMMA classmates would agree too.  We have been living regular lives directed the “society” but over the past 26 weeks we have learned ways to filter out all the noise around us and to start  listening to our inner voice to achieve our dharma.

26 weeks ago, I started to this journey of self-discovery, previously searching for answers outside when in reality I just needed to search within myself. These answers has always been there all the time, I just didn’t know how to get access them but I know now which is so powerful that I can call on it anytime I need. The mind is the most amazing gift we have been given but most people are not using it to its fullest potential. The master key has taught me that the “Mind” is the getaway to our dharma & bliss.



Although the formal part of the Master Keys course is ending, I consider this to be only the beginning of my journey toward my dharma and I’m excited of what lies ahead.

I want to thank Mark, Davene, Trish, Heather and the countless others for putting this course together and for mentoring us along through this amazing journey, Mahalo. To my fellow MKMMA classmates thanks for “finishing strong”,  your friendship and a lifetime bond that spans the globe, I can feel our presence (vibration) around me and I know I can call on it anytime, Thank You!!!.

Additionally, I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude to all that have followed, read & commented on my blog over the past 6 months, Thank you!!!

BTW I do plan on continue with my blogging.

Peace be the journey…


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