MKMMA Week 5 – Choices

As mentioned in my previous post, I talked challenges and how you can react to it, choices you make or don’t make and influence your life.

Everyday we face choices, such as getting out of bed for work, what should I have for breakfast etc. There are some days when you don’t want to go to work, so you lie in bed and thinking about what to do, running scenarios in your head to justify your actions. I’m sure I’m not only that has gone through is.

As with the MasterKey’s, some days are more challenging than others, as most mkmma’ers know to push through and embrace challenges as part of the journey.

The choices we make mold you into the person that you are. As we learn in the MasterKey’s, we develop new habits and make choices to further your life and achieve your dmp.

We are the sum the choices we make. So what choices are going to make?


MKMMA Week 4 – Challenges

As most people that have done this course can attest, this course is challenging as it forces you out of your comfort zone.

Changing old habits is hard considering all the years that have accumulated toward those habits. However with discipline new habits must be repeated to make new habits.

Thus the crossroads, revert back to old habits/ old life or push ahead to establish new habits and create a better life for yourself.

So what do you choose?