Press Release

Mind Shift sends Vancouver Couple to Paradise

By: Dan Wilkes (Canadian Press)

August 13, 2018

My editor advised me that I would be flying to Kauai to sit in on an interview with a Vancouver couple.

I had no idea who this couple was so I did a quick internet search, Paul and asha where both born and raised in Vancouver and have spent most of their life living in the lower mainland. Although there is no news story’s around this couple, from website and blogs, including their very own, the comments and discussions around this couple were tremendous, numerous people commenting about how generous, caring and supportive this couple has been in changing their lives and helping them achieve their bliss and dreams.

I have been to Hawaii a few times but I have never been to Kauai before upon arriving to the airport to my surprise I see someone with my name on a placard waiting for me at the arrival gate. As I approached this gentleman, to my amazement I recognized him from the pictures I saw from the internet. He extends his hand and introduces himself as Paul and welcomed me to Kauai, I shook his hand and said to him “I didn’t know you were going to be here, I was just going to take a taxi to the hotel”.


He replies, “You are our guest here and plus we wanted to meet you prior, so that we are not strangers when we meet later”. We walked outside the terminal to a gush of heat with the sun beaming down on us, as we got to his convertible white Mercedes, he asked me to sit down as he placed my luggage in the trunk. He gets in the car, turns to me and asks if it would be OK if put the roof down and of course I said “YES”.

It was abo


ut 11am in the morning, he knew it was to earlier for me to check into my hotel. He asked if I have been to Kauai before and I requested that I have lunch with him and his family at their home. I told him that I had not been to Kauai before and lunch would be great but I didn’t want inconvenience him, He replied “not at all we love for you to join us for lunch.”

We began to drive to his home, I could tell he was taking the long way an


d was showing off the island, it was absolutely beautiful and stunning. From the crisp blue ocean, to the picturesque beaches just truly jaw dropping. During your drive, we talked about the island, different sites and things that I should do and see and offer to do them with me, such as Napoli coast and the Waimea canyon.

As we approached his home, the yard looked impeccable, flowers of all different


colors of the rainbow in full bloom and sound of the ocean in the background. He escorted me into his home and gave me a tour of the 5 bedroom family compound with a beautiful and spacious kitchen with numerous windows overlooking the ocean. There was countless pictures of the family through out the house, included various vacations spots and milestones such as children birthdays, family gatherings and notes from countless people thanking them for their support and kindness.

We then proceed to this beautiful spacious lanai, you could smell the flowers in the pots, mango and palm trees in the backyard with a pathway to the bea


ch. He introduces me to his wife Asha, a beautiful woman and his 3 children, as they were playing in the backyard. We had lunch on the lanai from the conversation and laughter you could see that this family was really close. Later, he dropped me off at my hotel, I was taken away from his generosity and kindness in the middle of this paradise.

The next day, I get a call from the front desk, it was him again waiting for me to take me to his home for the interview. He took me back to his place and dropped me off and told me he was going to pickup the interviewer and to make myself at h


ome while he’s gone. Asha welcomed me inside and offer food and drinks, I could hear his children in the distance as they played on the beach. I walked thorough his backyard, with a warm cup of coffee in my hand to the beach where his children were playing and I could see the happiness and joy in their faces and I really enjoyed interacting and playing with them.

About an hour or two later, Paul calls out for me and I proceed back to the home, he told me the interview will begin in 30 minutes or so and the interviewer is setting up right now on the lanai. As I walked up to the lanai, I was stunned to see Brain William preparing for the interview, I was amazed to see him. Then Paul introduced me to Brain, what a moment to meet some one with his credentials, I was truely speechless.


It was late afternoon/early evening the sun was slowly setting down, the ocean sparkling with the sun glistening off of it, the cool breeze swaying the trees in the backyard. What an absolutely beautiful setting for the interview, as Paul, Asha and Brian sat down to begin.

“What an absolute treat to have you here in our home, we are honored and blessed to have you here” Paul said.

Brian replies, “No thank you for inviting us into our home, it was not necessary though we could have done this at the hotel”

“Nonsense, this is the perfect place for it as this is our home and the starting point for the success that we had began as a family.” Asha states.

“So how did this success come about?” Brian asks.

“Well Brian, it started back in late September 2013, when I took the Master Keys course offered by Mark Januszewski and his fabulous team his wife Davene, Trish and Heather and countless others.” Paul said, he goes on to say.

“Prior to this we lived what most people would call an average life but I craved and wanted to fulfill so much more and I want my family to be a part of it. What the Master Keys introduced was a reset to my life and more importantly my thinking. We are creatures of habit and the previous habits had been directing my life, so it was this new habit of eliminating my bad habits with good ones that started the ball rolling for success for me and others.”

“Fascinating, please continue”, Brain replies.

“The law of compensation by Emerson was also a game changer for us” Asha adds. “Paul was doing this alone and although I support him until one day he asked me to read this essay from Emerson I got hooked and from that moment on I joined and supported him even more”

“Words can’t describe the feeling, when she told me she was with me on this journey, I knew right then that I was on the right track!” Paul said.

“Then what happened”, Brian asks

“Well, it started slow but as we proceeded through the course, things just started to align themselves for us, I simply can’t explain it.” Business opportunities started to present themselves either by my own ideas or other presenting them to us and my network business started growing where it had stalled prior. But more important when we started helping others achieve their success in finding their bliss and dreams, that’s where it kicked into high gear.” Paul states.

“Give more get more, as Emerson states” Asha chimes in

“Can you explain further” Brian adds.

“The more we give the more we get, for example the more love we give and more love we get back, the more you help others the more others help you. It the universal trying to stay in equilibrium, although the concept is simple the outcome is simply powerful”

“Interesting” Brain replies.

“All the blessing that we have received has come through this course and the law of compensation. Simply by shifting the way I think has created this new life for us, which was within us all along” replies Paul.

“Words can’t describe the feeling that we have created a legacy for our children and future grandchildren, a place where they can come and reconnect as a family for years to come.” Asha tearfully replies.

“We achieve our Dharma, the ability to do what we want when we want and on our own term, to witness and be present for our children lives and to provide a legacy for the future through these opportunities that manifested from the Master Keys course. Oh by the way the creator, Mark and Davene only live a few miles away from here”, Paul adds with a smile.

“What an absolutely amazing transformation, just sitting here overlooking this view from our lanai, is just inspiring.” Brain adds.

My beautiful picture

“We hope to inspire others to find their inner bliss because it’s in them and would recommend highly the Master Keys course.” Asha adds.

“Thank you for sharing your story, I’m positive it will inspire others” Brian concludes.

After the camera stopped rolling, seeing the gratitude from both Paul and Asha toward Brian, his crew and myself, I was simple owe struck by it. During the entire visit, they were smiling from ear to ear and after meeting them and hearing their story, its easy to see why.


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