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MKMMA Week 24 – “Unplugged”

This is the final week of the MKMMA live webcasts & training, it’s been a magnificent & fantastic ride over the past 26 weeks. The things I have learned from this course have been life changing and are opening up opportunities that I would not have concerned in the past.

If you are familiar with the movie the “Matrix”, there is a scene where “Neo” (Keanu Reeves) is “unplugged” from the matrix (programmed world) into the “real” world. This scene captures the essence of the Master Keys for me and I’m sure my MKMMA classmates would agree too.  We have been living regular lives directed the “society” but over the past 26 weeks we have learned ways to filter out all the noise around us and to start  listening to our inner voice to achieve our dharma.

26 weeks ago, I started to this journey of self-discovery, previously searching for answers outside when in reality I just needed to search within myself. These answers has always been there all the time, I just didn’t know how to get access them but I know now which is so powerful that I can call on it anytime I need. The mind is the most amazing gift we have been given but most people are not using it to its fullest potential. The master key has taught me that the “Mind” is the getaway to our dharma & bliss.



Although the formal part of the Master Keys course is ending, I consider this to be only the beginning of my journey toward my dharma and I’m excited of what lies ahead.

I want to thank Mark, Davene, Trish, Heather and the countless others for putting this course together and for mentoring us along through this amazing journey, Mahalo. To my fellow MKMMA classmates thanks for “finishing strong”,  your friendship and a lifetime bond that spans the globe, I can feel our presence (vibration) around me and I know I can call on it anytime, Thank You!!!.

Additionally, I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude to all that have followed, read & commented on my blog over the past 6 months, Thank you!!!

BTW I do plan on continue with my blogging.

Peace be the journey…




Again, I am honored and humbled that you have come or returned to read my blog. I hope my posts will inspire you to achieve your own bliss and happiness.

Last week I talk about blue rectangles, I’m grateful for the all the comments and I thank everyone that participated in my poll, over 88% of you saw 10 or more blue rectangles for the week, which is just AMAZING.

This week’s reading of the Master Keys has been I real eye opener for me, it talks about the power within…


As most people, I was believed that if you wanted to be successful that you must work hard and things will just fall into place for you.

BAM, REALITY CHECK, the real world does not work that way other outside factors influence the outcome and derail that dream. Thus my personal journey to self discovery and directing my life the way I want and not letting others dictate it for me.

imagesAs mentioned earlier this week’s reading has really put my previous conceptions (blueprint) into a state of shock and it has shown me the beacon of light to what I have been searching for….. #GREATNESS!!!

GREATNESS is within all of us; it is just a matter of channeling it to your hearts desire and creating habits around that desire to manifest your bliss, as the following passage suggests;

“This centre of energy is Omnipotent because it is the point of contact with all life and all intelligence. It can therefore accomplish whatever it is directed to accomplish, and herein lies the power of the conscious mind; the subconscious can and will carry out such plans and ideas as may be suggested to it by the conscious mind.

Conscious thought, then, is master of this sun centre fromwhich the life and energy of the entire body flows and the quality of the thought which we entertain determines the quality of the thought which this sun will radiate, and the character of the thought which our conscious mind entertains will determine the character of the thought which this sun will radiate, and the nature of the thought which our conscious mind entertains will determine the nature of thought which this sun will radiate, and consequently will determine the nature of the experience which will result.”


To this point, I been searching for this my whole life up until 3 days ago BAM it hits me in the face it’s been within me this whole time. Now, I just need to nurture it and let it manifest into my bliss.


So let me ask, do you have greatness within you?

I truly believe that everyone has greatness within them, it’s just matter of finding it and letting it manifest into your bliss/dharma.  I encourage you to follow my blog and join me as I continue on this journey.