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MKMMA Week 24 – “Unplugged”

This is the final week of the MKMMA live webcasts & training, it’s been a magnificent & fantastic ride over the past 26 weeks. The things I have learned from this course have been life changing and are opening up opportunities that I would not have concerned in the past.

If you are familiar with the movie the “Matrix”, there is a scene where “Neo” (Keanu Reeves) is “unplugged” from the matrix (programmed world) into the “real” world. This scene captures the essence of the Master Keys for me and I’m sure my MKMMA classmates would agree too.  We have been living regular lives directed the “society” but over the past 26 weeks we have learned ways to filter out all the noise around us and to start  listening to our inner voice to achieve our dharma.

26 weeks ago, I started to this journey of self-discovery, previously searching for answers outside when in reality I just needed to search within myself. These answers has always been there all the time, I just didn’t know how to get access them but I know now which is so powerful that I can call on it anytime I need. The mind is the most amazing gift we have been given but most people are not using it to its fullest potential. The master key has taught me that the “Mind” is the getaway to our dharma & bliss.



Although the formal part of the Master Keys course is ending, I consider this to be only the beginning of my journey toward my dharma and I’m excited of what lies ahead.

I want to thank Mark, Davene, Trish, Heather and the countless others for putting this course together and for mentoring us along through this amazing journey, Mahalo. To my fellow MKMMA classmates thanks for “finishing strong”,  your friendship and a lifetime bond that spans the globe, I can feel our presence (vibration) around me and I know I can call on it anytime, Thank You!!!.

Additionally, I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude to all that have followed, read & commented on my blog over the past 6 months, Thank you!!!

BTW I do plan on continue with my blogging.

Peace be the journey…



Week 22 – Slaying the Dragon

When I first started this journey to self-discovery 22 weeks ago I had no idea where it was going to lead me or how it was going to end.

Now, I find my on the precipice of self-discovery with a numerous emotions running going through my mind both positive and negative, such as fear & excitement.


This week, we talked about masks and how people live behind these masks to conform to the “world without” and not showing their true selves. Of the numerous things, I have learned from this course, this one was a slap in my face, BAMM!!!

slay-the-dragonOh my gosh!!! I have been living my life with behind these masks, conforming to the world without, being the employee, father, husband, etc. and yet I have not shown my true self. I started my “Hero’s Journey” 22 weeks ago, I learned many things with the help of mentors and my MKMMA classmates. Now, as I mentioned earlier I’m standing on the edge of the abyss to find my true self and to “slay the dragon” a metaphor for things that have kept me reaching my true potential and have hindered my progress such as (fear, guilt etc.)

Now it’s decision time!!!

1)      Step forward to slay the dragon and find your true self or

2)      Retreat and revert back to the old blue print.

I have come too far to turn back now; I have the knowledge, skills & positive vibrations of all my #MKMMA classmates to follow through to the end.

Time to enter into the abyss and see what emerges on the side.


Thanks for reading my blog, so until next time Peace be the Journey!

Week 18 – Change be Coming !!

What an amazing week!!

The Seahawks won the Super Bowl!!! Finally, I get to see a championship team from the Pacific Northwest.



Prior to the Super Bowl, we had our weekly Master Keys webinar, by far the best one to date; fitting that it was on the “Super” Sunday.

During the webinar Trish, one of the facilitator of the program, talk about her own personal story (aka Hero’s Journey), words can’t describe how impactful her story was on me, I was truly blown away. It cemented my belief and commitment to continue with my own hero’s journey.

As you probably tell I have been on cloud 9 since Sunday’s events. Additionally, one of your assignments this week was to watch one of the following movies: Finding Joe or “I am”.

 i am

I selected the documentary “I am” by Tom Shadyac, who has directed/ produced the following movies; “Ace Ventura”, Nutty Professor”, “Bruce Almighty”, Evan Almighty” among others. Sufficed to say a very successfully director, so you might be asking yourself why would he do a documentary?

Without spoiling for you, Tom had a very serious biking accident and had suffered a concussion. He was dealing with post-concussion symptoms, while he lived his “normal” life and only started getting better once he eliminated things from his life and started to live under basic conditions.


He decided to do this documentary to find the answers to the following two questions:

1)      What’s wrong with our world?

2)      What can we do about it?

Tom talks to numerous scientists, religious leaders, etc  including David Suzuki (a local scientist from Vancouver) to find answers to the two questions  previously mentioned. Overall, it discusses how society has moved from “we” to “me”, and the individualistic/ materialistic character of present day human beings. Additionally, they identified that the “heart” is the true source of power that it influences all other areas of the body including the mind.

So how do change the world?

It starts with the “Power of One”, it starts with one person (you, me, whom ever) from are heart and our actions and it then starts to grows (i.e. the law of growth). Most of these lessons coincide with what we are already learning in the Master Keys.

Change be coming!!

As always, peace be the journey!